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  May-June  2020 | Vol 41 | Issue - 3
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Editorial Commentary
100-year-old vaccine for a novel virus: Killing two birds with one stone!
Chetan Dhamne, Gagan Prakash, Gaurav Narula, Shripad Banavali, Jyoti Bajpai
Introduction The coronavirus pandemic has spread like wildfire across the globe. Some countries are more affected than others while children seem to have a milder form of the disease a...
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Original Article
Clinical trials facing “Serious Adverse Events” during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic
Purvish M Parikh, Prashant Mehta, Krishna Kumar MVT, K Govind Babu
Aims and Objectives: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on the current clinical trials. We wanted to document the extent of the disruption amongst Indian clinical trial s...
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How I Treat
How I Treat sarcomas during COVID-19 pandemic: Caught between the devil and the deep sea!
Sharada Mailankody, Jyoti Bajpai
Since its origin in the Wuhan province of China in December 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world, infecting 1.5 million people to date and taking the lives of nearly 90,000 p...
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