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  January-March  2018 | Vol 39 | Issue - 1
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Editorial Commentary
Small HER2 positive breast cancer: When is enough?
Randeep Singh, Sudeep Gupta
Small node negative HER2 Positive tumors are defined as T1 (<2 cm) and N0 (node negative). The above cohort is increasing with more awareness and acceptance of mammography screening. This group in...
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Original Article
An epidemiological review of sacrococcygeal teratoma over five years in a tertiary care hospital
Mukhopadhyay Bedabrata, Das Chhanda, Sengupta Moumita, Saha Ashis Kumar, Mukhopadhyay Madhumita, Mukhopadhyay Biswanath
Background: Teratoma refers to neoplasm containing at least two germ cell layers derivatives foreign to the site of origin. Sacrococcygeal teratoma is most common congenital tumor commonly pres...
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Original Article
Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio: A surrogate marker for prognosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma
R Mahalakshmi, Karen Boaz, N Srikant, Mohan Baliga, Premalatha Shetty, Mukul Prasad, Shweta Yellapurkar, Amitha J Lewis
Context: Recent studies show that enzymatic contents of the neutrophil granules have a remarkable ability to modulate the tumor microenvironment by causing apoptosis of T-lymphocytes which leav...
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