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Articles submitted till date (in 2023) 69

Number of authors 3574

Number of reviewers 1023

Acceptance rate 26%

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Latest Articles

IJMPO Editorial


These are shortpieces that discuss an issue of immediate importance to the research community or an important manuscript published in the same issue. These are solicited by the editorial board or the Editor-in-Chief.

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IJMPO Original Articles

Original Articles

This is the most common type of journal manuscript used to publish full reports of data from research. These include observational studies, randomized controlled trials, intervention studies, studies of screening and diagnostic test, outcome studies, cost effectiveness analyses, case-control series, and surveys with high response rate.

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IJMPO Review


These can be narrative, systematic or meta-analysis. The narrative reviews help to provide detailed information about the topic under consideration while the other types analyse previously published studies to study them together and provide some insights.

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IJMPO Case Report with Review of Literature

Case Report with Review of Literature

These include new, interesting and rare cases. They should be very unique, describing a great diagnostic or therapeutic challenge and providing a learning point for the readers. Cases with clinical significance or implications are given priority.These need to be associated with in depth review of literature; otherwise they will be summarily rejected. We encourage authors to submit letters to editors rather than case reports.

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IJMPO Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor

These are short and decisive observations. They should preferably be: a rare, interesting new case or finding or method or observation, reply to previous letter, in response to published article in IJMPO orany comment or issue/policy of publicimportance/breakthrough.

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IJMPO Courting Controversy

Courting Controversy

This type of article consists of invited articles which deal with an area of controversy in oncology where the way forward is not clear and practice varies from practitioner to practitioner.

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IJMPO Trainee's Corner

Trainee's Corner

This section prepares the students from an examination point of view. It consists of following subsections: resident–mentor narrative /perspective on different aspects in oncology, resident written short notes, debates on journal articles, short reviews of important journal articles in the topic during one year period/summary of all the key trials for that year etc.

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IJMPO Images in Oncology

Images in Oncology

This section includes clinical, pathological and radiological images which invoke the attention of onco-physicians in practice and in training, which might help clinical practice. The images should have clinical significance and visual impression.

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IJMPO How I Treat

How I Treat

In this article type, an expert in a particular subject explains the readers the management of the disease along with the thought process and evidence for the same.

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IJMPO Oncology Beyond Science

Oncology Beyond Science

Time and again, research falls short to address all dilemmas in the minds of oncologists, issues that one faces on a day-to-day basis. This section is created to deal with topics not targeting core oncology subjects and yet highly relevant to Oncologists e.g. Burn out, gender bias, stress management, fitness, etc.

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IJMPO Policy Brief

Policy Brief

Policy briefs are a key tool to present research and recommendations. They serve as a vehicle for providing evidence-based policy advice to help readers make informed decisions.

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IJMPO Report on International Publication

Report on International Publication

This section is to highlight an article published in an international journal and comment on its relevance and its usefulness in the Indian landscape.

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IJMPO Brief Communication

Brief Communication

Brief communications are concise research articles that can be presented in various forms. A brief communication can present preliminary data from an original article, pilot studies, valuable information on a novel idea, unique approach, case series etc.

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IJMPO Drug Review

Drug Review

In this section various aspects of the different drugs are presented e.g, Discovery, Mechanism of Action, Uses, FDA and DCGI approval status, Dose and Administration instructions, Common/important toxicities, Important/Landmark trial, Cost effectiveness, Applicability to India etc.

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IJMPO Perspective


This type of manuscript includes perspective on any topic of clinical relevance, management principles and controversy, recent clinical trial data, research data, etc

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IJMPO Abstracts


An abstract concisely reports the aims and outcomes of the study so that readers know exactly what the research is about. These are usually presented in meetings, conferences, symposia etc and may be followed by publication of the full paper later.

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IJMPO Miscellaneous


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IJMPO Images


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